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Mitsubishi Lancer Brakes

Stop! Hammer time! But seriously, when you need to stop, you need to stop! Brakes are arguably the most important part of a car and that's why it is so important to make sure your Mitsubishi Lancers brakes are of high quality and properly fitted. The last thing you want to happen when you are driving is to put your foot on the brakes and have nothing happen so get the right Lancer parts and look after your car and yourself.

To ensure your safety it is always best to go with a braking system specially designed for your car. Get the right parts and brake pads to get your lancer handling the way it should! Don't ignore your spongy peddle, it could be the last thing you worry about, get some new Lancer Brakes now!

New Dorman Brake Hydraulic Hose to Caliper Bolt Washer, 484-185

Your Price: $5.94
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Centric Premium High Carbon Brake Rotor – 125.46061

Your Price: $53.86
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2x Red 7443 7440 40 SMD LED Tail Stop Brake Light Fog Turn Signal lamp 992 7444

Your Price: $18.50
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[Full Set] 4 Performance Rotors & 8 Premium Ceramic Pads with Lifetime Warranty

Your Price: $172.08
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Remanufactured Cardone Disc Brake Caliper, 18-5105

Your Price: $106.63
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HAWK Performance Ceramic Street Brake Pads HB438Z.606

Your Price: $82.49
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Brembo GT BBK 4pot Front for 2009+ Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart 1P1.8502A2

Your Price: $3163.20
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Centric C-TEK Standard Brake Rotor – 121.46039

Your Price: $29.06
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Lancer Hawk HPS Brake Kit – HKF639675

Your Price: $225.00
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New Dorman Parking Brake Cable Emergency, C93639

Your Price: $11.18
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Raybestos 7063R Professional Grade Disc Brake Rotor

Your Price: $27.62
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Power Stop K1682 Front Rear Ceramic Pads Cross Drilled/Slot’d Rotors Lancer $594

Your Price: $219.99
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